About bruxism

About bruxism

Bruxism is a problem affecting up to 30% of adults, consisting in clenching or grinding teeth during sleep. Since many people are not aware of it, it is important to know the most common symptoms: disturbed sleep, facial pain, headache, muscle tension and damage to teeth and dental restorations.

Our game changer solution in bruxism management

AesyBite™ Active monitors and records the occlusal activity exerted during sleep bruxism episodes.

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Monitors bruxism with innovative sensor technology

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Reduces bruxism more than 70% using a bio-feedback treatment

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Provides relief from associated symptoms of bruxism

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Protects teeth and dental restorations


AesyBite™ Active

Besides protecting teeth like a conventional bruxism bite, the oral appliance contains force sensors capable of recording the occurrence of bruxism events.


Allows a reliable detection of bruxism overnight


Provides biofeedback treatment to strongly reduce teeth grinding


Continuous monitoring to measure treatment efficacy


Protects teeth and dental implants

Track it on your mobile

Track it on your mobile

The user can synchronize the appliance with the AesyBite™ Connect App running on their mobile device in order to display data relative to their bruxism activity.

Upcoming products in the Aesyra ecosystem

The vision of Aesyra is to become a leader in the care of common sleep and oral disorders by bringing to the consumer market easy to use products.

AesyBite™ Connect

Sleep tracking with data from your AesyBite™ devices

AesyBite™ Respira

Long term monitoring and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Product availability information

AesyBite Discover is a medical device intended for monitoring sleep bruxism activity. The product is currently not commercially distributed.

AesyBite Active, AesyBite Connect, and AesyBite Respira are prospective products and are currently not commercially distributed.

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